Refund policy

1. In this policy, the "Customer" and the "Employer" refers to your company as a client that pays Packaging News Jobs to allow you to post advertisements for jobs and/or your company on Packaging News Jobs. “Packaging News Jobs” refers to the site and its owner Metropolis International Group.

2. Packaging News Jobs will permit a Customer to post jobs on this site in accordance to the terms of use for this site. Each job posting will run for the duration of 28 days per job credit used per posting. This period can be extended by adding credits to the posting and the posting will be extended by 28 days for each additional credit applied.

3. All payments are payable through the online merchant system used by Packaging News Jobs. Fees paid for job postings or company advertising on Packaging News Jobs are non-refundable. Prices may change at any time. Refunds may occasionally be offered at the discretion of the management.

4. If, at any time, your job posting is not shown on our site due to technical error on the website, Packaging News Jobs and Metropolis Business Media will not be held accountable for any loss or damage as a result of technical error. However, in this case, Packaging News Jobs will provide employers with a free credit for that job posting.

5. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a job credit is added to a job posting in order to keep the posting valid and posted for the duration of time desired; if 28 days has elapsed and the customer has not added a job credit to the job posting, then the posting will be removed from the system on the 29th day from the day it was posted.

6. Packaging News Jobs and Metropolis Business Media does not guarantee a minimum number of applications related to any job posting and will therefore not make any refund relating to the number of applications for a job posting.

7. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions (i.e.: prohibited job postings or failure to pay) will result in the job posting(s) being immediately removed from Packaging News Jobs without notice.

8. Billing issues related to the online merchant system can be directed to Packaging News Jobs; Packaging News Jobs holds no responsibility for the function of the online merchant system and all security and processing of accounts through the merchant system are the responsibility of the merchant system, not Packaging News Jobs. However, Packaging News Jobs will assist to the best of our ability to make your purchase and business with us as easy as possible.

9. All prices listed on Packaging News Jobs are in UK Sterling.

10. This policy may change at any time at the discretion of Packaging News Jobs. Notice may or may not be given to alert customers of any changes.

11. Packaging News Jobs will entertain alternative payment methods (i.e. credit card processed via phone call, certified cheque or money order). For other payment and/or billing options, please contact the Mohamed Shaikh in the Packaging News Jobs sales team on 020 8253 8690 or